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How it works

As a paid member of Motion Array, all of the assets you use in projects are covered by our simple, full usage license forever. You can rest easy knowing you don’t need special permissions or extended coverage regardless of the project size or distribution.
If you ever have to cancel for any reason, the projects you finished as a paid member will remain covered forever. When you need to start using assets again, just sign back up and your licence will be renewed for new projects.

It’s really that simple

A few examples of common covered usages

Social Media Marketing
Company Communications
YouTube + Monetization
Broadcast Television
Feature Films
Sports Programming
Live Events
Non-Profit Communications

Specific uses

Editorial use

Some stock footage and images are labeled for “Editorial Use Only” when they contain people, locations, or trademarks without a signed release for commercial use.

For more information on Editorial Use restrictions, please visit our Help Center.

P.R.O. and Content ID

While the music tracks in our Marketplace are royalty-free, meaning that we do not collect any royalties on behalf of the contributors, these contributors may register their music with a performance rights organization (P.R.O.) or Content ID outside of Motion Array.

P.R.O. affiliated music tracks require some additional steps for reporting and Content ID ensures that only licensed use is permitted. To learn how to work with P.R.O. music tracks and cue sheet reporting as well as more information about how to use Content ID registered tracks, please visit our Help Center.

Personal and commercial licenses included

For further details on licensing usage and restrictions, please read our Terms of Service.

If you have any other licensing questions, reach out to our Support Team.

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